World Day of Social Justice – February 20

World Day of Social Justice – February 20

World Day of Social Justice is celebrated on 20th February all over the world. This day is celebrated to promote efforts to tackle various social issues such as boycott, unemployment, and poverty. On this occasion, various organizations, such as the United Nations and the International Labor Organization, appeal to the people for social justice.

According to the United Nations, social justice is an underlying principle for prosperous and peaceful coexistence between countries. Social justice means establishing an equal society by forgetting gender, age, religion, disability, and culture. For the United Nations, the pursuit of social justice for all is at the core of its global mission to promote development and human dignity.

Many kinds of discrimination are arising among people in the world, which has become a reason for the distance between people. Due to these discriminations, many people have to face many problems. At the same time, ‘ World Social Justice Day ‘ is celebrated every year to eliminate such evils in the world. On this day many kinds of programs are organized to make people aware. This day is mainly celebrated every year for the purpose of solving many problems related to race, class, gender, religion, culture, discrimination, unemployment.

History of World Social Justice Day

United Nations in 2007 announced to celebrate 20 February as World Day of Social Justice. It was in 2009 that the first World Day of Social Justice was celebrated. The World Summit for Social Development was a conference held in Copenhagen from 6–12 March 1995. Its main aim was to “establish a people-centered framework for social development, to build a culture of cooperation and partnership and to respond to the immediate needs of those who are most affected by human distress.”

After 10 years, the members of UN states reviewed the Declaration of Copenhagen and Programme of Action for Social Development in New York in February 2005. How to advance social development was also the key point of discussion. On 26 November 2007, the UN General Assembly declared 20 February as the annual World Day of Social Justice.

The United Nations and the International Labor Office are working together to fulfill the objectives of World Social Justice Day. Several works are being done by the United Nations and International Labor Office to spread the importance of this day among the people. At the same time, World Social Justice Day is celebrated in almost every country of the world and the work of creating awareness among the people of our country is done.

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World Day of Social Justice in India

While framing the Constitution of India, social justice was taken care of in the country. Many such provisions exist in the constitution of our country, which has been made to ensure social justice. At the same time, the Government of India is doing many things for social justice step by step with the United Nations. There is a diversity of people in India, apart from this, there are many practices in our country that are a threat to social justice, and India has done many important tasks to fight these threats.

The Government of India has constituted many such commissions that work for the interests of social justice. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment of India also helps people with the help of many schemes. On the other hand, government organizations like the National Human Rights Commission, Union Ministry of Women and Child Development, are working day and night for discrimination, unemployment, and protection of children from our society. At the same time, on February 20, many programs are also organized by these organizations. Apart from this, many types of competitions are held in this school among children.

There is a great need to eliminate things like poverty, unemployment, inequality among people from our country by the Government of India. At the same time, many efforts are being made by our government to end it. But still, in our country, these problems have not been completely dealt with and it is hoped that in the coming years, the Government of India will succeed in its goals.

World Day of Social Justice Theme

The theme of World Day of Social Justice 2024 is “Bridging Gaps, Building Alliances”, while the theme for 2023 was “Gender discrimination in the world.” In 2022 the theme was “Achieving Social Justice through Formal Employment.” The theme of World Day of Social Justice 2020 was “Closing the Inequalities Gap to Achieve Social Justice”. In 2019 theme chosen by the United Nations was “If You Want Peace & Development, Work for Social Justice.

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