What To Buy From USA For Your Family In India

What To Buy From USA For Your Family In India

Almost everybody who lives in the USA takes a trip back to India to meet their family and is always bound by one question while going back to India. What to buy for their family and friends?

Everybody in India will have a lot of expectations as you will be going back after more than a year. There are certain things that are worth buying from the USA than from India. You will get a lot of branded gifts from the USA that are sold in India at a very high price.

Not only electronics, clothes but also a lot of food products you can take which are worth buying in the USA than in India. You can make a list and buy products during sales and holiday discounts, like the best time to buy is on Christmas sale and thanksgiving. Almost every shop in the USA gives great discounts on Black Friday and it is the best time to buy Electronics.

The best and cheapest thing will be USA souvenirs for everybody, anything with stars and stripes will make them feel like the USA.

Some of the preferred things to Buy




You can get the best deals here in the USA on various Electronics Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Apple Watch, and other electronics especially on black Friday when almost every store is giving huge discounts.

Just to take care of the amount you can take in your luggage as there is a limit of the total worth of your products you can carry to India. Especially the electronics you should unpack them and keep them in carry-on bags and show that those are your personal items and not for selling.

You can carry 2 laptops without a problem but if there are more then you are in trouble. It is general if you have 1 personal laptop and 1 office laptop plus you can have 1 phone, 1 tablet for your personal use. In that case, you have to assure the authorities that the second laptop is for office use.

Electronics which people prefer to buy from the USA

  • Chromebook
  • laptop
  • iPad
  • Samsung Tab
  • Amazon fire
  • DSLR Camera
  • Power adapter
  • I-phones
  • Headphones
  • X box for kids
  • Drone

Robot Vacuum


This is an electronic gadget that is not available in India and is a great addition to keep your home clean without any labor. It is a little costly but is fully autonomous, no need for human presence, it cleans the floor by itself, by just pressing a clean button.

Branded Watch


Branded watches are much cheaper in the USA than in India, you can go for Fossil, Kenneth Cole, etc. You can buy a smartwatch like Fitbit, apple too.

Women Handbag


You can get some finest Women’s Handbags in the USA at all prices, some of the most popular brands are Coach, Michael Kors, Gucci, Kade Spade New York these are some top companies famous worldwide and your loved ones will love to have them.


Bath and body

You can get some best-branded cosmetics here in the USA that is very highly priced in India. Be it mascara, lip balm, lipstick, eyeliner, or foundation you will get everything branded in the best deal.

Cetaphil cream and body lotion, Aveeno moisturizer are some to name. One of our friends told us Cetaphil which you get around $16 in Costco is priced too high in India. So they purchased in bulk and gave them as gifts to their family. Bath and bodywork body lotions have a very pleasant fragrance and are a very good moisturizer.

Branded Clothing

North face

Everybody says that you get everything in India especially clothing. But in my experience, the branded clothes you get are priced too high in India.

You can get very good quality winter jackets in the USA the ones you get in India are either very high prices or very low quality. Just like clothing, shoes are also the best option to buy for a nice brand and durable quality.

Kitchen items


When it comes to quality than the USA has some best items available. Here you will get branded and good quality stuff at a low price than you get in India. So buy some kitchen stuff from stores like IKEA, Macy’s that your mom will love.

Massager for back, shoulder, and neck pain


You can take the best massager for back, shoulder, and neck pain from the USA. It is a spa-like luxury and your parents will love to use it in old age. This product is also great for computer users and office-going people.

Foldable Walking Stick for Senior Men and Women

Walking Stick

The Folding Walking Stick is a great walking stick gift from the USA and easily fits in luggage as it is foldable.

Electric shaver or trimmer

Grooming kit

You can get a variety of electric shavers and trimmers and that too at a good price.

Electric Toothbrush


Electric toothbrush for your loved ones is the best gift as they are very high priced in India.

Blood Pressure machine

Blood Pressure machine

You can buy the best-rated blood pressure monitor gift for your parents they will love it at their old age.

Blood glucose testing kits

Blood glucose machine

You can take Blood glucose testing kits for your parents.

Various Ca and Vitamins supplements


Some vitamins and supplements are only made in the USA, a lot of people ask us to bring these supplements for them. You get Vitamin D3, Omega-3 Fish oil, Wheat germ oil, Vitamin C, Bromelain, Organic protein, you will also get these in India but their price will be too high.



The nuts you get in India are not of good quality and also very expensive, so we often buy these from here for our family in India. These are healthy and great gifts for your loved ones in India. You can buy Kirkland products from Costco which are the best value and good quality products. Almonds, Walnut, Pistachio are great as gifts to buy from here


Chia Seeds, Quinoa Seeds, Organic Flaxseeds.

You can buy these superfoods from the USA as these are readily available and not expensive. In India, these are hard to find and will not be of good quality.

Chocolates (Hershey kisses)


Everyone loves chocolates and your family will love some of the new flavors from the USA you can take kisses, Lindor, Ferraro, Almond Joy. You can get the world’s best-tasting chocolates here.

LED Flameless Candle

Led candle

These flameless LED candles are a great gift to buy as they can be used indoor and outdoor for decorative purposes, and give a feeling of wax candles, and are safe to use.

Lint Roller

Lint roller

Lint roller helps you to keep your clothes hair and fuzz-free. This is a nice gift as you will get it easily in the USA, but in India, it is not easily available and is highly-priced.

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