What should I wear with a black crop top?

What should I wear with a black crop top?

Like all basics, the women’s black crop top may seem ordinary, but it hides many advantages. It is a must-have absolutely in your dressing room, which will easily accompany you on all occasions.

Emblem of the “90s”:

From the 1990s, the different types of crop tops made their way into teenagers’ closets. Popularized by the Christina Aguilera, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, and Britney Spears. The crop tops then experienced their golden age. At that time, the uniforms were often baggy male pants, underwear that projected, a bare waist, and a alleged ‘cropped’ t-shirt. A piece that suggests a gesture of rebellion and reappropriation.

Visually, it sends back the image of a teenager who has grown too quickly and is overflowing with her children’s clothes. The crop top reveals the part between the pubis and breasts, is sexualized automatically.

The crop top is a neutral piece that sublimates and gives style to your look. It can be worn both chic and casual, day or night, the black crop top will quickly become your best ally for all your looks. So, to know how to combine it well and choose the right pieces to be stylish in a black crop top, here are all our tips.

The choice of black crop top:

Just like the white crop top, the black version is a basic that can be renewed and declined to infinity to become essential and timeless. This is the piece that you must have in your dressing room: well combined, it could well surprise you with its ability to give style to your look.

Still need to know which crop top to choose. You will find the basic round neck model, close-fitting or loose version, but you can also opt for a more or less plunging v-neck model, structured sleeves with gathers or decorated with lace. There is always something for all types of tastes as well as occasions.

The advantage is that the black crop top is suitable for all body types. The v-neck models will highlight women with developed breasts, while the round neck will be more suitable for small breasts.

The loose shapes will lend themselves to all morphologies, from the slimmest to the most generous. The black crop top becomes a real fashion piece by displaying a logo or a message on the front.

On the material side, we prefer cotton, and linen, which are both flexible and easy to wear in all circumstances and which blend easily with other materials.

Pair the black crop top with light colors:

For a successful outfit, you have to highlight the simple and classy side of the backless tank top. Admittedly, it’s cut and color make it a basic piece, but whatever the fashion piece, black always gives an elegant and chic touch to an outfit.

To be comfortable in all circumstances for your daytime looks, whether in town, on a walk, or for lunch with friends, wear your black crop top with light-colored bottoms. It easily goes with everything so dare the long pleated or straight pale yellow, powder pink, or turquoise skirt.

For an elegant and casual city outfit, combine the basic black top with a nice beige or white linen Bermuda shorts and the associated jacket. You will have a very trendy urban look that is both simple and chic. For the office, the black crop top also goes very well with you: wear it with straight pearl-gray trousers to play on style contrasts.

Jeans are the best ally of the black crop top:

Don’t think that combining two basic pieces will result in a bland outfit. Jeans have this tremendous power to give style to an outfit. Combine your women’s black crop top, for example, with navy blue jeans and a blazer jacket, and you’ll have a very trendy city outfit.

For a daytime look with urban chic and casual spirit, wear your black top with slim blue jeans or a very fashionable mom cut, topped with a colorful jacket with rolled-up sleeves.

For holiday looks or summer walks with friends, the black crop top will bring a touch of chic to your denim shorts. The black crop top can be worn with all cuts of jeans, depending on the style of look you want to display. Slim jeans will bring femininity to your outfit, high-waisted jeans lengthen the silhouette and make it elegant.

Do we dare the total black look?

We often hesitate to embark on a total black look for fear of appearing sad or bland. But black is always a symbol of elegance. For a summer evening, dare to wear your black cotton or linen crop top slightly loose with a leather or imitation leather skirt. The result will be both elegant and stylish thanks to the contrast of materials and pieces. Similarly, you can combine your basic black top with elegant high-waisted straight-cut or carrot-cut black wide legged casual pants.

Accessorize your outfit with chunky necklaces or a gold-colored long necklace to bring a shiny touch to your outfit. The total black look can be tried in an easy-to-wear daytime look: a black crop top worn with black slim jeans, it’s simple but effective in all circumstances.

To avoid falling into the ultra-basic, you can dare red pumps that will enhance the outfit, or choose a black dress with a more worked style: with a golden logo, or puffed sleeves for example.

These are our recommendations for girls who aren’t completely demure, as it allows them the freedom to show very little (barely a thin line of skin) without having to be completely covered. Even so, it is quite modern and acceptable style.

We hope that these options have been to your liking and that you can incorporate this trend into your next looks, to continue being modest and all fashionistas.

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