Visa-on-arrival for Indians having US visa or green card

Visa-on-arrival for Indians having US visa or green card

UAE Cabinet has approved Visa-on-arrival for Indian passport holder who holds a valid US visa or a green card. This comes as great news for Indians who travel from India to the USA via Dubai.

This decision comes for the promotion of trade interest between the two countries. This decision will strengthen the UAE as a tourist and economic hub.

This visa on arrival is valid for 14 days and can be used in their transit from the USA to India. Recently there has also been an offer for a Free One night Luxury Stay in Doha for transit passengers.

Doha is trying to lure transit passengers with a free 4-day transit visa and a free one-night Luxury Stay in Doha.

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Dubai has shared a pic on Instagram for the first Indian national getting visa on arrival on Monday.

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