Vastu and its Five Elements

Vastu and its Five Elements

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that consists of precepts of the traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human beings. Its a science of direction, it is the combination of five elements of nature that help us in maintaining the balance between nature and man. When these five elements exist in harmony, both within and outside the body, it will create a healthy mind and peaceful environment.

According to Vastu Shastra, every human being needs five elements (Panch Tatvas) to live a life full of prosperity, peace, and free of any poverty and illness. Construction of a dwelling aided by these five elements of nature induces positive energies and subdues the negative influences.

The Five Elements of Vastu

When these five elements are put correctly can bring prosperity, happiness, and peace to the life of the person. The main aim of the Vastu is to teach the person how to live in perfect harmony and equilibrium by balancing all these elements.

1. Earth
2. Fire
3. Water
4. Air
5. Space


Earth is the third planet as per the solar system and thus acts as a big magnet consisting of both the north and the South Pole attracting the energies at a single point. It is known for magnetic and gravitational qualities that impact everything, including living and non-living things. Earth is the only element, which is connected to the five senses of the human body. This is the major reason why earth influences you a lot. It is also an important element while choosing land. Before starting construction, you should inspect the soil, size, and shape deeply. The main characteristic of this element is sound, touch, form, taste, and quality.


Water is present everywhere on the earth in the form of ocean, river, rain, and sea. Water is the second most vital element in vastu. It offers proper direction for the placement of the water sources. Keep in mind that water is the element of the northeast so that you should plan the water bodies such as the aquarium and swimming pool in this direction to bring good luck.

Two-third of earth is covered with water and people under the influence of water are likely to have varied emotions that include sociable nature, love of novelty, and fondness of home life, fanciful attitude, imaginative and flexible. such people under the influence of water are also defined to be lasy, slow, harmless, inoffensive and careless. If there is any imbalance in the element it leads to piles, cough and damp feet. The main characteristics of water are sound, form, touch and taste.


Fire relates to lightning, energy, volcanic energy, seasons and other related aspects of the solar system. Fire also symbolises passion, enthusiasm and spirited vigour. Sun being the most vital source of light, it is the soul of universe. Day and night are the result of the movement of Sun in regards to movement of earth.

Fire is recognized as the element of the southeast so that you should place home kitchen fire and electrical gadgets in this direction. The essence of the life is light and the sun is the giver of the natural light. This is why proper ventilation for sunlight is essential for getting the natural and necessary source of light for both human and property.


Atmosphere of the earth contains 21% oxygen, 79% nitrogen, helium, carbon-dioxide and other kind of gases, humidity, dust particles and vapour.Everyone is dependent on air to survive.

An important element to live on this earth is air, which is also a significant vastu element. Since this is an element of the northeast, you must ensure air resources located in this direction. The air consists of several gases such as helium, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. The balanced percentage of these gases is vital for living beings on this planet. Therefore, you should place windows and doors in this direction to get a good amount of air.


The sky is never ending because it is full of galaxies, constellations, moon, sun, and all the nine planets. That is why it is called as the universe (Brahamand), which means a place of god. It plays an imperative role in human life and vastu offer different directions for the better space. It is essential to building a home in a way the light enters its center.

Space is limitless and it related to our sense of hearing. In the structure space element is related to the centre portion. It is the vital source of cosmic energy and radiation, thus it is important to keep it clean, open and in light.

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