Top Courses in Demand in India

Top Courses in Demand in India

Choosing the right course to make a career is an important decision.  Choose the courses in demand, if you do not choose the right course according to your own interest and cannot be guided properly, then it can be very harmful to the future.

Today, in this period of high-end, when everyone is in a race to move forward, there are many courses available to make a career now, in this case, the right course for careers is not only confused by students. But it is difficult for parents to give correct suggestions to their children too.

But it is very important for the student to think of his interest and its scope before doing any course. For this, we are telling you about India’s Top 10 Favorite Courses – Top 10 Courses in Demand in India, which can prove to be better for your career.

Management – MBA / BBA

Proper utilization of the power of the staff and guidance to it for the purposes of an organization or organization is called Management.

Even if you are such a person, and think that you can easily plan, organize, select employees, lead or lead to fulfilling your goals. , And you can control an organization to meet different goals, through management courses you can use human and financial resources efficiently and effectively. Is likely to find the right direction to meet their objectives.

Many courses like MBA (Master of Business Administration) and MPA (Master of Public Administration) for Management Courses can help you to build a better career.

After doing these courses, you can also work as a supervisor, front-line manager, senior manager, and then gradually you can benefit from becoming a board of directors, chief executive officer (CEO) or president of any organization. Are.

For this course, it is necessary for any stream to have 3 years of Bachelor Degree and 50% marks in graduation, whereas students of SC / ST or PWD (Disability) need 45% marks for Admission. To get admission in Management College, the student needs to clear the Management Entrepreneur Exam CAT / XAT / CMAT / NMAT / MAT / ATMA.

Engineering – B.Tech, B.Arch, M.Tech, ME, BE

Engineering is the only way to create something new by inventing, designing, constructing machines, and using different experiments by acquiring a practical knowledge of mathematics, empirical evidence, and scientific, economic, social topics.

To become an engineer, students have to do engineering studies. There are many courses, including BTech, B.Arch, M.Tech, ME, which are the preferred courses to be taught by most students of PCM 12th science, because there are immense possibilities of a career in this field and job packages too. Get good

Tell you that engineering studies also have many different streams, by selecting the stream according to their interest, students can become electric engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, etc.

After completing an engineering degree, either student can work or they can build a better future by getting, ME, or M.S. to earn a higher degree.

In order to get admission in engineering, it is necessary to get at least 60% marks in PCM i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and PCB i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Students wishing to become engineers have to pass the entrance examination of Jee Main, Jee Advanced, BITSAT, VITEEE, COMEDK-UGET, KCET, KEAM, IPUCET, NATA, WBJEE, MHTCET, AP EAMCET, UPSEE, etc.

Students thinking of making their own future in this field can take inspiration from the idea of ​​the late astronaut Kalpana Chawla, Neil Armstrong, or Bill Ney (who is known as Science Cow), and can do better in this field. Are.

Computer Application-BCA / MCA

Today in the era of technology, when every work has become computer-based, hence days computers have become an integral part of learning. Along with that computer, knowledge is also the lifeline of today’s younger generation. With the increasing popularity of computers, the IT industry is also growing more and more.

Students of computer applications are mainly studied in software programs, through which they can operate the system. Along with that, students in this field are given information related to computer science, so that they can easily work in the field of IT.

The course BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) is a very popular course for students interested in the field of computer and IT, this is a three-year degree course. By doing this course, students who want to become software developers, engineers, and programmers, through this course, are told about databases, networking, data structures, core programming languages ​​like C ++ and Java.

After the BCA, if the student can make a career by doing a job or students who want higher education, MCA can earn a master’s degree in computer applications. For the BCA course, 12th PCM i.e. is required for the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Math, and it is necessary to pass 50% marks in the examination of at least 12th standard.

Students from 17 to 25 years can get admission to this course. At the same time, admission examinations are organized by some colleges for admission, whereas some colleges have admission on the basis of a merit lists.

If you are thinking of making a career through this course then you need to take inspiration from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, and Larry Ellison.

Designing – Fashion / Interior / Web

Looking at fashion trends and growing needs in the modern world, demand for fashion designing, interior designing, and web designing is constantly increasing. Those who are creative and have a good understanding of fashion and style, modeling and if the thing designed by them attracts everyone on their own, fashion designing and interior designing and web designing courses are a better option for such people.

While the expansion and development of the garment industry are increasing rapidly, the demand for a talented fashion designer is increasing rapidly in the coming years. Whether it is fashion designing, interior designing, or web designing it all depends on networking and marketing of its products.

After doing this course, students can work in designer wear production, fashion marketing, and quality control.

Apart from this, work can be done in the areas of Costume Designers, Personal Stylists, Fashion Co-Ordinators, Fabric, and also start own business such as Fashion Show Organizer Garment Store Chain, Boutique, Jewelry Firm, etc.

It is very important to have good creative skills as well as good communication skills for this course. National Institute of Fashion Technology and Pearl Academy of Fashion is better instituted for this course, from which students can secure their future by getting a fashion designing degree.

There are different ways of designing any object, designing depends on the different object. Fashion designing is related to fashion, clothing, and style design. It is called interior design to beautify the inside and outer parts of a place or building with an artistic look. Nowadays the scope of interior designing is also increasing.

The interior designer decorates a house or building in a creative way and makes it even more appealing to appear.

Create or update a website under Web Designing. Students of this course are taught skills such as template designing, logo designing, 3D and 2D animations, portfolio designing, fashions, banner designing, graphic designing, website maintenance, HTML, and JavaScript.

Apart from this, there should also be information about CSS, javascript. In order to pursue careers in this field, both web designing and diploma courses are available, in which students can make their own careers. The scope of web designing is also increasing, job opportunities also have immense potential.

Mass-communication / Journalism BJMC

For those who write well, and speak well, and are thoughtful, the course of mass communication for such people can prove to be a better option. It is taught primarily to the students of mass communication that information and information related to any institution, person, and place at the same time are transmitted or transmitted all over the world.

These notifications are usually delivered to people through television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, websites.

Students can pursue this course in the form of both degree courses and diploma courses after the 12th standard. This is a three-year degree course. It can do several courses including BJMC, M in Mass Communication, Diploma in Journalism, and Mass Communication.

12th pass students from any stream can do this course. At the same time, there are admission tests and interviews in some colleges for admission, while some colleges get admission only on the basis of merit.

Indian Institute of Mass Communication for Mass Communication, Jamia-Millia Islamia, Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication is the premier institute.

There are immense possibilities for a career after doing a course in mass communication. After this course, you can work in many fields, including reporting, scriptwriting, web content writing.

After this course, careers can be made both in print journalism and electronic journalism. In the field of higher education, this field can also get post-graduation or master’s degree.

Hospitality (Hotel) – Hotel Management, BHMCT (Bachelors in Hotel Management and Catering Technology)

The Hotel Management course is best suited for those candidates who like to interact with people and have a lot of passion for food, travel, and luxury.

Hospitality, travel, and tourism are taught in the course of Hotel Management. Students must have their Certificate of Passing their 12th class with a score of at least 50% for doing a diploma course in Hotel Management.

Students thinking about making a career in hotel management can take admission in the Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, but for admission to this top college students need to clear NCHMCT JEE entrance examination.

Students doing the course of Hotel Management can work in factories, hospitals, hotels, research and educational institutes, a canteen of the university.

Medical-BDS (Bachelors in Dental Surgeon) and MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) Medical-BDS (Bachelors in Dental Surgeon) and MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

In our society, the doctor is given the name of ‘God of the earth‘ because he saves the lives of humans. A doctor’s degree is also considered to be the most prestigious degree. BBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), BBS (Bachelor of Dental Sciences), BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), and BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) in Days are the most preferred courses by medical students.

Let us tell you that the All India Institute of Medical Science and Christian Medical College is the best college in which Admission can conduct medical courses.

Students receiving an M.B.B.S degree can write a doctor in front of their name, this is a 5½ year course. The 12th PCB students who wish to pursue this course must pass at least 60 percent in the 12th standard. By earning this degree, either earn money by opening a medical clinic or even working as a doctor in a hospital.

Finance – B.Com (Bachelors of Commerce) / CA (Chartered Accountant)

The area related to the study of investment and wealth management is known as finance. It has been divided into basic 3 sub-categories – public, corporate and personal finance.

Mostly we do finance studies to manage the wealth of an organization. It involves the study of planning, fundraising, coast controlling, and investing right for an organization.

To learn about the field of finance, you can study B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce), CA (Chartered Accountant), CS (Company Secretary). Indian Institute of Management, one of the top colleges to pursue an MBA in Finance.

At the same time, chartered accountancy is a popular course for students who are interested in finance. Want to go to the field of Business, Finance, Audit, Taxation, and Financial Management? Chartered Accountancy is the core of any business to run a business properly.

In order to make a career in CA, students have to give a Tough Common Proficiency Test (CPT). After this, the student has to go through the final phase by passing the final examination of IPCT, articleship training, and then CA. Only after passing these three steps can we become CA?

After getting a CA degree, you can work in private and public banks, auditing firms, legal firms, copyright registers and trademarks, attorneys, stockbroking firms, mutual funds, and investment companies. After passing the 12th in the Commerce stream, any student can make a career in CA.

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