India’s First Ever India Intimate Fashion Week

India’s First Ever India Intimate Fashion Week

Mumbai: The much awaited fashion extravaganza of the year, India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW) which was announced earlier this year has finally declared its date. The high decibel lifestyle event will be held on 14th and 15th January 2017 in Mumbai. IIFW is India’s 1st Fashion Week dedicated to Lingerie and Intimate wear and is conceptualized to provide a big platform to the intimate apparel industry – An industry which is amongst the largest in apparel fashion across the world.

The 1st edition of IIFW is set to emerge as the largest destination for intimate fashion, bringing together leading premium Indian and International Lingerie Brands, Lingerie Designers, Lingerie E-Commerce, Lingerie Stylists and Experts, Next-Gen Lingerie Talents, Intimate Wear Bloggers, Sponsors and numerous unique visitors from diverse fields.

“Intimate Wear, such a big sector, rather the world’s largest sector, deeply rooted in every person’s life across the globe is still unexplored in India. However, India is now opening up to all kinds of evolutions, revolutions, entrepreneurship, and experiments on fashion. Despite this, we were unable to find any worthwhile fashion platform that promotes, showcases intimate wear and its related talent. Surprisingly, the percentage of Indian students considering it as a career option is also very low in India. It is from this need gap and to ensure India’s representation in a  world reckoned category with significant growth potential that India Intimate Fashion Week was born”, says Niraj Jawanjal, Director and Founder of IIFW.

Moreover, in recent times Wedding (Bridal) lingerie and Wedding Couture are taking a big leap due to its massive acceptability in India. This segment is now also being included along with premium Evening / Nightlife Couture on this glamorous ramp to make it even more alluring and relevant.

He further added “Our vision is to gradually engage as many national and international intimate wear brands and designers and create a strong business platform and the largest market place to showcase this underrepresented category in the next 3 years.  Through India Intimate Fashion Week, we will also recognize and honor industry leaders from the intimate wear category with India Intimate Awards, some of who will also be a part of the jury of India’s first initiative”

Further explaining about India Intimate Fashion Week, Amit Pandey, Media Head, and Associate Partner, IIFW says “Fashion and Glamour is a much coveted and sought after industry in India and world over. However, in India, Intimate wear and Lingerie fashion are still in its nascent stage with communication being limited and constrained. With IIFW, we intend to plug this need gap and drive engagement, high decibel idea exchange, and conversation amongst all potential stakeholders – Brands, customers, designers, etc.”

On the social media strategy for the premium venture, Amit further added “Our social media campaigns are focused at breaking the mindset barrier and facilitating open conversations around the category.  This is a category that is poised for significant growth and we are confident of great participation from the industry this year. We hope to able to take this towards international scale and standards over the next three years.”

IIFW is intended to emerge as a platform that represents both emerging and established brands from around the Country and gradually across the world. The event will capture and showcase all segments of the category including lingerie, loungewear, sleepwear, legwear, lingerie accessories, and more for both men and women. The event is scheduled to be held from January 14th to January 15th, 2017 in Mumbai.

About India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW):

India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW) is a platform designed to shed a powerful spotlight on all facets of the intimate apparel and personal care industry. The event exposes both emerging and established brands and designers, manufacturers, and distributors from India and around the globe, spanning market categories of lingerie, loungewear, sleepwear, legwear, lingerie accessories, men’s underwear, swimwear, beachwear, shapewear and more.

India Intimate Fashion Week is also taking immense endeavors to let India speak its mind about this world’s largest industry and become shy-away so that we can involve and nurture the emerging talent in this massive industry to command a bold stand.

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