Students And Politics

Students And Politics

The interaction between politics and studenthood is a conflicting thing, on one hand, politics enhance students’ logical reasoning and enhance the overall development of an individual personality and character on the other hand politics is a playground of criminals, the domain of the uneducated, uncouth.

Politics is study and skill and requires active participation in political movements, it means taking out processions, organizing political meetings, shouting political slogans, condemning one party, or approving another. Many students today are found indulging in politics, some even become members of political parties.

There is no need for students to indulge in political activities, education should be their primary aim. They should equip themselves with knowledge of some profession in order to earn their live-hood rather than wasting time in politics. Their duty is to gain knowledge, develop their personality and pursue a career.

Students suffer immensely if they go astray, if they miss their classes and take part in meetings and rallies, they would lag behind in their studies. Being immature and inexperienced, they lose valuable time and regret the same at a later stage.

Students took an active part in politics during the Freedom Movement in India. It was the demand of the time and circumstances. Political parties used students to support their cause. After every agitation, many students were put behind bars. India gained independence after a long struggle involving the youth of the nation.

Politics demands time and energy, which students generally cannot afford. Besides attending classes, a student has to study at home for at least 3 to 4 hours a day. If a student takes part in politics, he will have less time for his studies. If he has an aptitude for politics, he should better wait till his studies are over.

Students do not have the maturity to understand politics, youth is the time for them to improve their intellectual faculties and skills. Taking part in politics at such a young age may hinder their intellectual faculties and skills. Taking part in politics at such a young age hinder their intellectual and vocational goals.

Many political parties exploit students for their own selfish ends. They ditch them once their ends are served. They sow seeds of discontent and unrest among the students. They encourage holding of strikes, such strikes and agitations affect the academic career of the students. They do not gain any material benefits from such agitations, so they should be beware of political parties.

The universities election have gained huge importance as national parties like Congress, BJP, CPI(M) and others have started taking an active interest in these elections by fielding their candidates. Many a time, these elections turn ugly with incidents of violence.

The colleges and the universities become battlefields with rival groups of students attacking one another. Local politicians abet innocent youth to use violent methods to achieve their ends. The real cause of education is forgotten and the student’s career is greatly harmed. That is why students are advised to stay away from filthy politics.

But there are also certain advantages of students’ participation in politics. One develops fine qualities of public speaking. This is learned in the college forum itself. After such a humble beginning, one can become a marked leader in the future. In a democratic country like India, it is very useful if students know about day-to-day politics. One overcomes shyness and a sense of reservation of one starts coming to the debating platform.

However, viewing the pros and cons carefully, it is advisable that students should not take an active part in politics. Their primary concern should be studying and building up sound character. Apart from studies, they should read newspapers and magazines and watch news channels to keep themselves abreast of the national and international political trends and developments.

Acquiring the qualities of public speaking is possible in many other ways too. Every institution or university organizes debates regularly. They should participate in debates on the burning social, economic and political problems faced by the country. Debates and declamation contests are arranged for students to give them a chance to learn the art of oration. If a student has the bent of mind for this art, he can master the art of public speaking and become a good orator.

Students should not become workers of any political party. In our country, many political parties follow ‘catch them young’ policy. They take part in college elections and induce the candidates to contest under their banner. Later the students become workers of the political party. But, it is not the right time to join politics as politics needs maturity.

Students can receive some sort of training in democratic and political processes from the students union. They can air their grievances through them. They should, however, ensure that members, patrons, and office-bearers of these unions are chosen from among the genuine students and not from those students who enroll themselves in college only for namesake and their real purpose is to contest elections and work for one or the other political party.

Students are the nation’s hope, if they are educated, they become better citizens. They should be aware of the affairs of the country. they should keenly watch the activities of politicians but not take part in active politics. It will help them to become enlightened citizens – a basic requirement for the success of democracy.

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