Secrets to Land the Perfect Software Job in Seattle

Secrets to Land the Perfect Software Job in Seattle

Seattle is a city having many major companies and business firms driving a healthy employment market and inviting new residents to move to the city for work. Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), and many more. The biggest employers in Seattle are major companies whose names are known all over the world.

There are a lot of opportunities and a lot of competition in Silicon Valley so you need to have a serious enough resume that Seattle comes sniffing around you. All that matters is your background, education, and coding skills. If you have a tech degree plus 2+ years of experience than finding a perfect job should not be a problem for you.  But if you are right out of school and entry-level than internship will be the easiest way, Pay attention to the industry and find new opportunities to propel your career forward.

Here’s is certain things you need to take care of finding a perfect job.

1. Start with something  – Try to take some experience with software development.

2. Online presence – Make yourself available online, Attend Tech events, and build your network.

3. Powerful Resume – Recruiters don’t read your resume, they just glance at your accomplishments, how you have made an impact (quantify if possible).

4. Prepare for Interview beforehand – Improve your interview performance by practicing your stories, go through some websites like and which offer you thousands of interview questions.

5.  Be Clear and Fearless – In big companies, you will be asked the challenging question, they are just trying to test your intelligence. They want a person who sees a though problem and charges it head-on.

An article “How to land a job at Microsoft ” is perfect for finding coding jobs at Microsoft the Microsoft talent source shares, “I look for people who like to work hard, have fun and do it with a positive attitude. I think those are important attributes to success,”. “I’m also looking for people who have been high achievers, and that’s not limited to their profession”.

“Networking is key. Reach out to family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else you know to find people who work in the Microsoft group or team you’re interested in. Use LinkedIn or Twitter. Express your interest and learn what you can” says Microsoft Recruiter Amy Ala.

Before you start searching for a job there are certain things you need to ask yourself and finding a perfect spot for yourself where you fit.

1). Where are you looking for work?
2). Where are you networking?
3). Do you feel you’re being too picky about the salary or position?
4). How would you recommend I go about sourcing good talent and creating a solid talent pool?

Tricks above will help you to get the right experience and you will get the attention of recruiters and eventually land positions in big companies like Microsoft and Amazon. You can also use job search websites to look for a software job in Seattle. For example, on Jooble, you’ll find plenty of good software job opportunities in Seattle.

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