Pre Wedding Beauty Tips for Indian Brides

Pre Wedding Beauty Tips for Indian Brides

Cherish the way you sparkle on your Wedding Day

A wedding is indeed one very special day of life for any woman. It’s not just about taking the vows or tying the knot and getting involved in a lifelong commitment. The emotional impact of the wedding is very strong on a woman’s mind and especially the Pativrata Indian women spin a web of glorious dreams regarding their wedded life and their life partner whom they consider to be almost an asset; a precious gift from the Lord.

So every Indian woman wishes to make her wedding special by trying to look the best on her wedding day so that all eyeballs get fixed on her. Therefore in every Indian wedding, pre-wedding grooming of the bride has a very vital role to play. Even when she departs from her father’s house during the Vidai ceremony and reaches the house of the in-laws, all relatives and neighbors will gather to take a look at the bride.

In other words the bride’s getup, her makeup everything matters a lot in Indian weddings. So if your wedding date is fast approaching, gear yourself up for the pre-wedding grooming so that you can achieve your desired look on your wedding day and avoid the eleventh-hour blues. Here are some tips for you:

Preparing your skin

Your skin is the first thing you have to take care of, protect your skin from harmful elements, and maintain the proper glow. Hydration is a must for healthy and glowing skin. Dehydration will make your skin dull and lose its luster.

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Looking after your hair

Make your hair cutting 6 months prior to the wedding day, according to how well you like your hairs long or short. To look beautiful you need beautiful healthy hair too.

Facial and Hair Spa

Look for a perfect spa and start going there prior to 3-4 months of the wedding day.


Be calm and meditate, this will not only help you with inner peace but also make your body look fresh and glowing.


You have to take extra care of the food you eat during this period. Make sure you eat a proper well-balanced diet and avoid oily and junk foods.

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The last thing you can do to look beautiful is sleeping properly and be at rest. As lack of sleep and tiredness will be reflected in your eyes and face.

And don’t forget to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the wonderful pampering.

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