Popular C. V. Raman Quotes

Popular C. V. Raman Quotes

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman or C. V. Raman was the first Indian Physicist to win the Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the Raman Effect. C.V. Raman believed that if you ask the right questions ‘nature will open the doors to her secrets’. On this day, we hope you find the inspiration to unlock your highest potential and never quench your thirst for knowledge!

Popular quotes of C.V. Raman

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  • Treat me right and you will see the light…Treat me wrong and you will be gone!! – C.V. Raman
  • Success can come to you by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you. – C.V. Raman

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  • I am the master of my failure… If I never fail how will I ever learn. – C.V. Raman

  • You can’t always choose who comes into your life but you can learn what lesson they teach you. – C.V. Raman

  • If someone judges you, they are wasting space in their mind…Best part, it’s their problem. – C.V. Raman

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  • Ask the right questions, and nature will open the doors to her secrets. – C.V. Raman

  • It is not often that the idealism of student days finds an adequate opportunity for expression in the later life of manhood. – C.V. Raman

  • The essence of science is independent thinking, hard work, and not equipment. When I got my Nobel Prize, I had spent hardly 200 rupees on my equipment. – C.V. Raman

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  • The real growth of a country was in the hearts, minds, bodies, and souls of young men and women of the country. – C.V. Raman

  • I think what is needed in India today is the destruction of that defeatist spirit.- C.V. Raman

  • It was poverty and the poor laboratories that gave me the determination to do the very best I could. – C.V. Raman

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  • The essence of the scientific spirit is to realize what a wonderful world it is that we live in. – C.V. Raman

  • The true wealth of a nation consists not in the stored-up gold but in the intellectual and physical strength of its people. – C.V. Raman

  • The whole edifice of modern physics is built upon the fundamental hypothesis of the atomic or molecular constitution of matter. – C.V. Raman

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