National Science Day – February 28

National Science Day – February 28

February 28th is celebrated as National Science Day (राष्ट्रीय विज्ञान दिवस) every year in India. On this day in 1928, the great scientist of India Dr. C. V. Raman (Chandrashekhar Venkat Raman) discovered the famous invention Raman Effect. Dr. CV Raman was a Tamil Brahman and the first one to do research and such an invention in India. He was also awarded the Nobel prize in the year 1930 in the field of physics for his invention. On 28th February 1987, the Government of India declared this day as National Science Day to honor Dr. CV Raman and his contribution to the field of science.

C. V. Raman

Dr. C. V. Raman (Chandrashekhar Venkat Raman) was one of the great scientists of India. CV Raman was born on 7 November 1888 in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. He was a Tamil Brahmin. His father Chandrashekhar Iyer S. P. G. The college had a physics professor and his mother Parvati Ammal was a woman from a cultured family. He got his primary education in Visakhapatnam.

He was involved in the field of physics throughout his life. In the year 1928, by discovering the radiation of light, he made India’s name famous worldwide. Two years later, in the year 1930, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for this amazing discovery. He was the first Asian to be awarded the Nobel Prize. In addition, he received the highest civilian honor from India in the year 1954 by the Government of India, “Bharat Ratna” and was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize in 1957.

What does the Raman effect say?

National Science Day

“The effect on the scattering of light when passing through different materials.”

The Raman effect states the change in the wavelength of light that occurs when a light beam is deflected by molecules. When a beam of light traverses a dust-free, transparent sample of a chemical compound, a small fraction of the light emerges in directions other than that of the incident (incoming) beam.

Importance of National Science Day

Science is an integral part of our lives and it is difficult to live without science and technology. India has also achieved many achievements in the field of science and the main aim of celebrating this day is to make a common man aware of the science and scientific achievements of our country.

The main objective of celebrating this National Science Day is to bring awareness to people about the importance of scientific applications in their daily life and to encourage them by popularizing Science and Technology. It allows scientists and experts from the field to discuss issues and new technologies trending in the field. Also, the celebration is aimed at giving an opportunity for a younger generation to display their activities, efforts, and achievements in the field of science for human welfare.

National Science Day 2024 theme

National Science Day 2024 theme is “Science for a Sustainable Future”.”. How science plays its part in society, the impact of technology on education, the impact of technology on skills, the impact of technology on work. Science and Technology are important for the economic and social development of the country.

CV Raman once said

“Treat me right and you will see the light…
Treat me wrong and you will be gone!”

How to celebrate National Science Day

Generally, the celebration includes public speeches, talk shows, science exhibitions based on themes and concepts, live projects, and researches demonstrations, along with debates, quizzes, lectures, and much more science-related activities. Also, various awards are given by the government and non-government bodies to recognize the efforts of individuals for the popularization of science in the country.

The day is celebrated as a science carnival, recognizing the scientific activities and programs in the country through the participation of students from schools and colleges, along with scientists from the state and national faculties. These events organized during this National Science Day celebration provides a platform for various newcomers/scientists to start their career in the field of science.

Words of the great scientist of India Dr. CV Raman.

  • I am the master of my failure… If I never fail how will I ever learn.

  • You can’t always choose who comes into your life but you can learn what lesson they teach you.

  • Ask the right questions, and nature will open the doors to her secrets.

  • Success can come to you by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you.

  • The whole edifice of modern physics is built upon the fundamental hypothesis of the atomic or molecular constitution of matter.

  • In the history of science, we often find that the study of some natural phenomenon has been the starting point in the development of a new branch of knowledge.

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