Immigration to Australia | Australia Immigration Information

Immigration to Australia | Australia Immigration Information

Australian migration offers a wealth of exciting opportunities for people seeking a new challenge and a fresh start in life. Immigration to Australia is a consistently popular ambition in Britain with one in three UK nationals expressing a wish to live and work in Australia. However, the Australian immigration service places strict controls upon how many people may enter the country each year and pays close attention to the professional skills, qualifications, and work experience of those people allowed to immigrate to Australia.

In Australia immigration, visa applications can be a challenging process and in the near future, the system will become even more demanding. The requirements of Migrating to Australia via a skilled visa class such as the Skilled Independent Regional visa, Skilled Independent visa, Skilled Sponsored visa, or the Employer Nomination Scheme are changing, and applications for these Australian immigration services will soon be assessed under renewed and more stringent criteria.

Australia Visa ServicesIf like many others, you would like to apply for an Australian visa to make living and working in Australia as a permanent resident more than just an ambition, the introduction of new legislation means that you should apply as soon as possible.

Australia Requires Skilled Workers

Australia requires skilled workers and the ability of successful candidates to contribute desirable skills to the Australian workforce is a key factor in determining which applicants are granted entry. Like the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme or HSMP in the United Kingdom, many visas for Australia migration assess the suitability of candidates against a points system designed to ensure that only those candidates best equipped to make a positive contribution to the economy are favored.

Visas for Australia are not simple to obtain but they bestow a wealth of benefits upon successful applicants. The reasons for choosing Australia as your place of permanent residence are exhaustive. Besides having some of the best beaches in the world and no shortage of pools or BBQs, Australia boasts a very low crime rate, excellent education, and great dental and medical care not to mention many other benefits to a person’s standard of living.

Australia is also steeped in traditions such as cricket on the beach, and sporting events like the Australian Open and The Bathurst 1000. If these are combined with a number of newly recognized talents and assets, including some of the world’s most popular food and wine regions, it quickly becomes clear why Australia is considered by many to be the ‘lucky country’. Successfully Applying for an Australian visa allows a holder to encounter a new world of experiences and opportunities and to enjoy the unique lifestyles this country can offer, from the sun-baked countryside to the spectacular cities of Sydney, Brisbane and
Melbourne (recently voted as the world’s most attractive city in which to live).

Immigrating to Australia

There are a full range of Australia visa services available like Visitor visas, Working and skilled visas, you can pursue family visas for Australia immigration applications based upon familial ties, such as the Contributory Parent visa or the Last Remaining Relative visa, you can also get a spouse or unmarried partner to join you in the country through a Spouse visa, De Facto visa or Prospective Marriage visa.

State/Territory Nominated Independent Visas

There are state-specific schemes such as the State/Territory Nominated Independent visa – or STNI visa and we can help business people move to Australia under the range of Australian business visas, allowing people to enter the country through an Investor visa, Business Owner visa, Business Talent visa or Senior Executive visa for Australia.


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