Irrefutable Tips on How to Keep Your Nails Strong and Healthy

Irrefutable Tips on How to Keep Your Nails Strong and Healthy

Do your nails crack, flake off or become brittle? These are telltale signs of thinner nails than usual. Thin figure nails expose you to injuries on the delicate soft tissues beneath. If you leave them untreated, you will be susceptible to infection. Weak nails can be a sign of underlying health conditions like hypothyroidism or iron deficiency. However, at times it’s down to how you handle your nails and take care of them. In such a case, it’s relatively easy to rectify by doing the following:

Avoid Artificial Nails

Some use artificial nails as fashion accessories. Technicians glue these fake nails onto your natural nails; however, experts have since established that they are more dangerous. The threat comes from the need for the nail tech to file your nail surface before sticking the fake nails using glue. This filling makes the nails thin and weak. The glue doesn’t help either since it contains chemicals that weaken your nails. It would be best to use safe options like nail polish or gel.

Use Protective Gloves

Exposure to too much moisture or chemicals is another cause of weak nails. You can prevent this exposure by wearing gloves when cleaning or doing dishes. Note that not all gloves are suitable for this use. The best gloves are the water-resistant ones treated with PVC-based fabric spray or silicone. It helps if the gloves are lined with cotton to absorb sweat from your body.

Check Your Diet

According to study, you need to pay attention to your diet. There are high chances that poor diet is the root cause of your weak and brittle nails. To that end, you need to consume vitamins and proteins laden food for strong nails. But, if you want a quick fix, you can take supplemental biotin. This supplement will strengthen your nails provided you take it consistently.

Minimize Manicure

Some ladies don’t give their nails a break in pursuit of nail beauty. If you do that, it’s high time you stop. Dr. Stern agrees that nail polish removers can weaken your nails. That is to say that regular use exposes thins your nails due to the chemicals. If anything, it would help if you go natural or repair it with clear gloss.

Use Nail Strengtheners

You can use a nail strengthener if your nails are already affected. Manicurists recommend this product because it contains calcium best for weak nails. You can opt to use it alone or with other products like nail polish. If you use it with polish, it will act as a base from where it will impart nutrients to the nail plate while serving as a flexible film.

Nails, especially those on fingers, are exposed to many moisture and chemicals. This leaves them at risk of getting weak or brittle. If your nails start breaking, it will help to use the tips in this article to protect them. It’s advisable also to avoid chemicals like glue in nail care. But, if the symptoms persist, you should seek medical attention since it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

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