Golghar – A historic building of Patna

Golghar – A historic building of Patna
Golhar Patna

A wonderful confluence of history and natural beauty ‘Golghar‘ is situated near the Gandhi Maidan on the western side of Bihar’s Patna. The structure of this historic building built during British rule is wonderful and fascinating, which people come from far and wide to see.

It is one of Patna’s main attractions, while many people know Patna only because of this famous building ‘Gol Ghar‘.

How was the name of the historic building ‘Gol Ghar’?

The ‘Gol Ghar‘, whose name literally means a rounded house. Let us tell you that this historic building is very famous due to its size. The special thing about this building is that it has been constructed in such a way that there is no pillar in it.

It is made of spherical thick walls all around. Let us tell you that this historic building is known as ‘Gol Ghar‘ due to its circular structure.

Who, when, and why did the ‘Gol Ghar’ build?

Built in Patna, Patiala, a unique sample of historical and archetypal architecture was made on July 20, 1786, British Engineer Captain John Gartin created a ‘Gol Ghar‘ as a warehouse for grain storage.

Indeed, in 1770 when a terrible famine came in Patna, people were not able to get grain to eat at that time, and in view of this, about ten million people were starved of hunger, the then Governor-General, Warren Hastings ordered the creation of Gorgarh for the British army.

After this, Captain John Garten built this historic and aristocratic building after 30 months of hard work.

Let us tell you that this historic building had the capacity to store grains of 1450,000 tonnes of food grains, but incidentally, the goat was never filled up to its maximum capacity, while it was also believed that due to any engineering loophole From the gate of this historic building opens upwards, but if it is fully filled, its gate will not open.

Structure and Architecture of Golghar

On the other hand, if you talk about the structure of the building of Patna’s Golghar, then there are 145 curved curves around it, with the help of tourists coming here from below to the top of it, with a view of a large part of the city of Patna. Apart from this, the unique experience of the Gandhi Maidan Ganga river and the surrounding scenic scenes can be enjoyed here.

Patna is one of the city’s most fascinating and fascinating historic buildings, due to the peaceful environment and natural beauty, the Golaghat is one of the most picturesque places in Patna city.

The height of this building is 29 meters (96 feet), while its size is 125 meters, while the Golghar walls are 3.6 meters wide at the base. At the same time, brick has not been used for about 3 meters on the top of the Golghar, but stones have been used instead.

A hole of about 7 inches in diameter was placed on the top of the Golghar in ancient times.

The ‘Gol Ghar’ used for the storage of grains in history is known today as a tourist place and picnic spot in Patna, while in December 2017 this building was given a new look.

Along with this, light and sound shows are also shown here to attract more tourists to Gol Ghar, which has increased the number of tourists coming here in the last few occasions.

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