Global Wind Day – June 15th

Global Wind Day – June 15th

A global wind day is a worldwide event celebrated on 15th June is an opportunity for citizens worldwide to show their support for wind power and positive changes that can come as the world moves towards a clean energy future. The day is dedicated to discovering wind, its power, and the possibilities it holds to change the world and reshape our energy systems, and decarbonize our economies and boost jobs and growth. More than 75 countries around the world have installed wind turbines, creating thousands of jobs and reducing pollution.

It is a day when wind energy is celebrated, information is exchanged and adults and children find out about wind energy, its power, and the possibilities it holds to change the world. The wind supply chain is benefitting regions across the globe, including economically less-advantaged ones. Citizens are benefitting from shared ownership of wind farms.

Global Wind Day is a coordinated action between the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the national associations to introduce the general public to wind energy through a series of activities. In association with EWEA and GWEC, national wind energy associations and companies involved in wind energy production organize hundreds of public events all over the world from family outings and wind farm visits to seminars with experts and leading industry figures.

Events included visits to onshore and offshore wind farms, information campaigns, demonstration turbines being set up in cities, wind workshops, and a wind parade. Many events happened on Global Wind Day (15 June) itself, but there were also events on the days and weeks before and afterward. The first celebration of World Wind Day took place for the first time in Europe in 2007. However, in just a couple of years, the event was observed globally in 2009. World Wind Day was celebrated in 30 countries in 2011. The number has now grown to 80 countries according to the latest data.

As climate change continues to impact our lands, oceans, wildlife, and even our day-to-day activities, finding ways to power our homes and businesses with clean, renewable sources of energy is becoming more critical.

Thousands of individuals are involved in the production of energy from the wind, but for many people, wind energy is a mystery. Global Wind Day is the day when you can visit wind farms, meet experts, attend events, and find out everything you want to know about wind energy. Today, wind energy is a mature and mainstream technology and one of the fastest-growing industrial sectors in the world.

About Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC):

GWEC is a member-based organization that represents the entire wind energy sector. The members of GWEC represent over 1,500 companies, organizations, and institutions in more than 80 countries, including manufacturers, developers, component suppliers, research institutes, national wind and renewables associations, electricity providers, finance, insurance companies, and law firms. Our mission is to ensure that wind power establishes itself as the answer to today’s energy challenges, providing substantial environmental and economic benefits.

GWEC works with national and international policymakers and industry associations to help open new markets for wind power i.e. UNFCCC, the IEA, international financial institutions, the IPCC, and IRENA. GWEC has a proven track record of success in helping to build the wind power industry in emerging markets around the world, including Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and South Africa.

About WindEurope:

WindEurope is the voice of the wind industry, actively promoting wind power in Europe and worldwide. We have over 450 members, active in over 50 countries. In addition to leading wind turbine manufacturers, our membership encompasses component suppliers, research institutes, national wind and renewables associations, developers, contractors, electricity providers, finance and insurance companies, and consultants.

WindEurope actively coordinates international policy, communications, research, and analysis. We provide various services to support members? requirements and needs in order to further their development, offering the best networking and learning opportunities in the sector.

How Wind Day is celebrated

There are workshops, seminars, educational tours, etc., organized to show the power and potential of wind energy, you can visit farms, meet experts, and attend various events hosted to support wind energy. As of June 15 approaches, we wish you a very “Happy World Wind Day 2023”.

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