Erotic Sculptures of Khajuraho

Erotic Sculptures of Khajuraho

Khajuraho Group of Monuments is in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh and it is worldwide famous for its erotic sculptures. The erotic, picturesque and nude idols of the Khajuraho temple are engraved on the exterior walls.

Every year it receives lakhs of tourists from foreign countries. The temples of Khajuraho have been built between 950 AD and 1050 AD. There were 85 temples in Khajuraho, but now only 22 are left.

Statues in these temples have been constructed beautifully and are enough to tell the characteristics of an ancient civilization. However, there are many times a question arises as to what can be the secret behind creating such statues outside the temple.

There are mainly four assumptions behind what can be the cause of creating such sexiest temples, which are as follows.


Some analysts believe that in ancient times, the King-Maharaja used to be more involved in bhog-luxury. They were quite excited. For this reason, various sculptures have been made out of the Khajuraho temple and in the currency of sexual intercourse.

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Some believe that in ancient times these temples were built for imparting sex education. It is believed that after seeing those amazing figures, people will get proper education on sexual intercourse. In ancient times, the temple was the only place where almost everybody used to go. That is why the temples were chosen to provide the perfect education for sexual intercourse.

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It is also believed that for salvation, every person has to go through four paths – religion, meaning, yoga and work. It is believed that naked images have been installed outside the temple. Because this is the work, and after that only the refuge of God is available only. This is why it was conceived to go to God’s shelter after seeing it.

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Apart from all this, some other people have been told to protect Hinduism behind this. According to these people when the temples of Khajuraho were built, then the spread of Buddhism was very fast. Chandel rulers tried to save the existence of Hinduism and for this, they resorted to this path. According to him, in ancient times, it was believed that everyone on the side of sex is pulled up. That is why if idols will be placed outside the temple and in the currency of sexual intercourse, people will visit the temple to see it. Then they will go to see God inside. This will promote the Hindu religion.

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