Do’s & Don’ts of Monsoon – Precautions to Be Taken in Rainy Season

Do’s & Don’ts of Monsoon – Precautions to Be Taken in Rainy Season

Monsoon season rejuvenates us from the sweltering heat of summer. However, it also brings along a plethora of infectious diseases. These diseases affect the immune system, and the majority of the population falls prey to fever and flu. Especially older people and children have a high chance of contracting mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, etc., during monsoons.

One also cannot negate the increasing possibility of meeting accidents during the rainy season. Individuals need prompt medical care in both scenarios of contracting diseases or meeting unforeseen accidents. However, the rising medical costs can hold one back. With the availability of monsoon insurance cover, it has become feasible for individuals to opt for the best medical treatment.

Know the Do’s and Don’ts to Follow in Monsoon

Every individual must know the ultimate guide to help manage their health during monsoon seasons.


Here are a few tips that will prevent one from falling sick:

  • Follow health diet

The most effective approach to prevent diseases during monsoon season is to eat healthy food and follow a balanced diet. A healthy diet maintains the nutrient level in the body. It also balances the protein and vitamin level that levels up the immunity system, preparing it to fight against any diseases. 

  • Wear dry clothes and quality footwear

Wet clothes and footwear results in several diseases and infections it leads to microbial growth. Also, wearing closed shoes holds back water, resulting in sodden feet. Hence, individuals must wear dry clothes and waterproof shoes to prevent the spread of diseases. Moreover, one must ensure wearing good quality footwear to prevent slipping and meeting an accident. 

  • Keep home clean and mosquitoes out

Stagnant rainwater is the breeding ground of mosquitoes. Hence, one must maintain cleanliness at home and ensure no water logging near home. Furthermore, individuals must use repellent to avoid falling prey to infectious diseases.  

  • Drink warm water

As the water gets contaminated easily, individuals must shift to drinking boiled water throughout the rainy season. Boiling water before drinking kills germs and bacteria, helping prevent diseases. 

  • Take care of skin and hair

Try to keep the hair and skin clean. Take warm showers to get rid of microbial growth. Give a lot of attention to foot care as well. To keep the skin and hair dry, individuals must carry raincoats and an umbrella. 

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Besides knowing the things to adhere to, individuals must know the things to avoid during monsoon season.

  • Avoid eating street foods

Refrain from eating contaminated food as the food remains generally uncovered, and one does not know whether the water used is contaminated or not. 

  • Do not allow water logging

Individuals must not allow the accumulation of rainwater in any container or anywhere around the house. 

  • Refrain from eating pre-cut fruits

Individuals must avoid eating raw salads, and pre-peeled fruits as long exposure to air destroys its nutrients and gets contaminated. 

  • Avoid driving fast

Be it on a plain or a hilly road; individuals must not drive fast during monsoon seasons as roads are wet and can result in fatal accidents. Only by abiding by the posted speed limit one can minimize unwanted road accidents. 

In this regard, one can also opt for a monsoon insurance cover; it will provide the insured adequate coverage during such unforeseen incidents. 

Traditional insurers might not extend a monsoon insurance plan, but one can conveniently avail of it under pocket insurance. Pocket insurance plans are need-based insurance products that extend adequate coverage for different financial requirements of life. One can conveniently avail it from reputed insurers and meet hefty expenses. 

To sum up, monsoon season paves the way for several infectious diseases. Besides spreading diseases, the monsoon season also increases the number of road accidents. Such unforeseen scenarios demand instant medical attention, demanding prompt financial backup, which one can easily avail of under an effective monsoon insurance plan.

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