Buddha Smriti Park – Modern center of religious tourism

Buddha Smriti Park – Modern center of religious tourism
Buddha smriti Park

Buddha Smriti Park of Patna, Buddhist is the center of tourist attraction, which is located on Fraser Road near Patna Railway Junction, Bihar State. Buddha Memorial Park is spread over 22 acres of land, which has a cost of about 125 crores. This park is also called Buddha Memorial Park.

The Buddha Memorial Park has been developed by the Bihar government, while the park was inaugurated by the religious leader of Tibet 14th Dalai Lama on May 27, 2010, on the occasion of the 2554th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gautam Budh Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was also present on the occasion of inauguration.

This grand and archer’s park was designed by architect Vikram.

In the last few years, Buddha Memorial Park has emerged as a modern excellent park to understand the life and teachings of the Mahatma Buddha.

This is a good religious tourist spot for all the people of religion and caste, where the people feel comfortable in the picturesque environment.

Let us tell you that the statue of 200 feet high in the premises of Buddha Memorial Park is the Karuna Stupa, Ananda Bodhi tree, library, museum, meditation center, memorial garden, and Lord Buddha’s statue, which people come from far and off, Buddha We are telling you all about these buildings built in Memorial Park Parrishar.

Patliputra Karuna Stupa

This stupa, 200 feet high between this magnificent ‘Buddha Memorial Park‘, is the most prominent structure here. This stupa has been named ‘Pataliputra Karuna Stupa‘ by Dharmaguru DalaiLama.

The round-shaped Pataliputra Karuna stupa is a pleasant mixture of tradition and modernity. This stupa is the main stupa to discover the sacred relics of Shakyamuni Buddha. On the other hand, there is an ambulatory path for the orbiter of this stupa, which helps tourists to take the highest height of the stupa.

Please tell you that in this stupa the sanitation of bone remains brought from the 6 countries of Buddha has also been kept. The relics of Buddha are kept safely inside the structure of the stupa, which can easily be seen by tourists.

The sacred relics brought from Japan, Myanmar, South Korea, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Thailand can also be seen here by tourists. The ‘Pataliputra Karuna Stupa’, which is 200 feet high, is very much liked by tourists, this stupa is the main attraction of this park.

Meditation Center

In this great Buddha Memorial Park in Patna, there are 60 air-conditioned rooms (AC rooms) in the Meditation Center, in each room a window has been constructed, from which the Patiputra Karuna Stupa appears. Let us tell you that the idea of ​​making a Meditation Center in this grand Buddha Memorial Park is taken from the monasteries of the ancient Mahavihara of World Heritage Nalanda.

There is a library at this Meditation Center of Wisdom Smruti Park, which houses a large audio-visual hall along with several books on Buddhism.

Patna Museum

The other ardor of this magnificent Buddha Memorial Park situated in Patna is also the building of the museum. Let us know that the free flow of museum buildings is taken from the monasteries of India’s ancient cave.

This Patna Museum shows the life cycle of Lord Buddha through a 3-D model, audio-visual medium, and multimedia presentation. The wonderful and magnificent blooding of this museum was inaugurated on December 13, 2013, in the year by Prince Ais Kesang, Bhangan, Wangmo, Wangchuk.

Smriti Bagh

There is also another fascinating Memorial Park of Buddha Memorial Park complex, which is built in the open space, in which there are distinct and excellent stupas of many different countries, each stupa is specially designed, looking at its beauty It is only made.

This park is so vast that, in it, about 5 thousand people can sit together. The memorial garden, from Bihar to many regions of the world, is considered a symbol of the spread of Buddhism.

Bodhi Tree

Holy Bodhi trees have been planted in this major tourist spot of Buddha Memorial Park in Bihar, which have been brought from Mahameghavan Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, and Bodh Gaya. Let us tell you that the Bodhi tree brought from Bodhgaya was planted in Tibetan Dharmaguru Dalai Lama in the year 2010.

Laser Show in Buddha Smriti Park Patna

The laser show in this Buddha Memorial Park situated near Patna junction is quite famous among the tourists. This laser show can be seen in the glorious history of Bihar, the great men of Ramayana and Mahabharata times.

Mahatma Buddha, Magadha empire, Mahavira, Nalanda Bihar tour of foreign Buddhist pilgrims, the golden age of Ashoka, the war against British by Veer Kunwar Singh, contribution to science by great scientist Aryabhatta, all the glimpses after India’s freedom including the Champaran war This laser show is shown to visitors arriving here.

This laser show is in the evening, which is widely appreciated by the people.

Let us tell you that in this Buddha Memorial Park one of the main tourist destinations of Patna, thousands of tourists from all over the country like Japan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand, and India are here to find happiness, peace, and knowledge.

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