Are You Really Happy

Are You Really Happy

We feel good when we’re happy, and happier people are also more creative, resilient, better at learning, problem-solving, and building relationships. Happiness improves health and lengthens life, a happy people tend to live longer and experience better health than their unhappy peers.

What makes you happier

The basic question is the things that make you happy, is it a job, house or a particular thing. Is happiness just related to material possession we have, just look at your kids and see they have got much better material goods which you used to have but are their happier?

No! Level of depression is increasing in every country. Once we have enough money to cater to our basic needs, more money doesn’t bring more happiness. With money, you can buy various things which will give you happiness for only a limited time and will soon fade away.

You’re Really Happy If

You enjoy your work

When people are more excited about their work, they invest more time and energy into their job. Working for a job which your love will be more fulfilling, productive, and important than money, and can return a higher level of success. Your career should make you feel good emotionally, both in and out of the office and when you are enjoying your work then you are happy.

You pursue your passions

When you are happy you don’t care what people think of you, and they have a lot of time to pursue activities you love. You are not held back by the expectations set forth by society or family members and feel empowered to go after their dreams, no matter what hurdles they face.

You have a strong social connection

Every human being is a social creature and they need supportive families and friends to be generally happy and successful in life. If you want to be happy then building stronger ties should be your priority. We need a strong support group whose presence plays a big role in making you a happier and well-rounded person.

You can cope with setbacks

When dealing with a setback, your first instinct might be to simply put it aside and move on with your life as if nothing happened, you don’t have to raise your hand and surrender. Although setbacks, roadblocks, and defeats are all obstacles standing between where you are now and where you want to be, each one represents a different level of challenge.

It’s easy to find yourself in a position where you simply don’t know how to be happy again. In such time you need to find the courage to face your emotional pain head-on; to own it and overcome it at your pace.

You can separate work and personal life

Work is important but don’t let it take over your entire life. You should feel enriched and empowered at the end of your workday and this is a strong indicator that you have a positive attitude towards your job. A healthy work-life balance will keep you rejuvenated and happy.

You accept yourself the way you are

It is almost impossible to be happy when you are acting in a certain way. Happy people are the ones who have been able to let most of those insecurities go and just enjoy being themselves. A person is truly happy if he or she accept himself the way he is. It is said, “Self-acceptance is ultimately the gateway to a happy life,”. If you sit somewhere with your emotions and come out of it with a positive view of yourself means that you are truly happy.

You prioritize your own well being

Constantly pushing and striving to reach your goal may be tiresome and you will burn yourself. Self-care is very important and Happy folks take great care of themselves, no matter what. Whether it be through healthy eating, exercising, meditating, or all of the above, and this shows up in their upbeat mood.

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Tips for boosting happiness

Work it out

Do more exercise, get outdoors.


Spend more time with friends.

Just a job

Don’t let your job take over your life.

Give yourself permission to be human

Allow yourself to feel the full range of emotions, including fear, sadness, or anger. An expectation of constant happiness is unreasonable and sets us up for disappointment. A happy person has highs and lows, but their overall state of being is positive.


We try to do too much. What are you prepared to cut back? Do fewer things, slower, and enjoy them more.

Do something meaningful

Undertake something worthwhile, something where the achievement is not just about you but serves a larger goal [e.g. random acts of kindness]

Use an advert break

Don’t compare yourself with celebrities. Cut down on exposure to advertising, as it encourages you to compare yourself with others and feed dissatisfaction with what you have.

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