25 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mom in 2024

25 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mom in 2024

May is for Mother’s Day when Mom is at the top of our minds. A mother deserves to be celebrated 365 days of a year, but there is one special day set for her when we keep everything aside to express our love and gratitude to her.

The second Sunday in May is celebrated as Mother Day and it’s time to start celebrating and showing appreciation to that special someone who gave you life. Moms are always busy so plan this day to give her a little extra love, comfort, and recognization. We are bringing you 25 fun ideas for celebrating Mother’s day with your mom.

Most people celebrate Mother’s Day with similar traditions of giving cards, flowers, and gifts to mothers or maternal figures that people want to honor. No matter how you choose to celebrate the day, we guarantee that these ideas will help you to deepen your bond with your mother.

Breakfast in Bed
  1. Cook for your Mom (Serve breakfast in bed)

The best thing one can do on Mother’s day is to make a meal for her. Serve up breakfast in bed, lunch, dinner, and/ or sweet treats. Make some of her favorite recipes and serve them in some personalized dishware, it can have pictures and a message along with her name.

Help her
  1. Help tackle her to-do list

Sometimes mom just needs help in doing her daily work so ask her if she needs help and run some of her errands. Not only it will make her feel relaxed but it is also a fun way to help kids learn what mommy does every day for them.

  1. Clean home for her and Spruce up the garden

Your mom will feel relaxed and appreciate the gesture if you help her with cleaning and gardening. Take her to a local nursery and pick some flowers and vegetables for her garden.

Go for picnic
  1. Take her to a picnic

Take her out for a picnic, you can set a blanket at your home too to set up a picnic experience. You can have fun in the backyard of your house with backyard camping.

  1. Take her to a movie

What did moms say to you when you ask for gift ideas? “I just want to spend time with you”. So spending time with her and watching a movie together will be a great gift for her.

Homemade gift
  1. Make her a homemade gift

Mom works your whole time so today you can take some of your time to make her something special. Homemade gifts are sentimental, personal, and beyond adorable. They are something straight from the heart.

  1. Throw a surprise party

You can arrange a party at home with family members. Make your mom’s favorite food and drinks and she will be thrilled with the idea as she won’t be expecting anything like that.

Give her flowers
  1. Give her flowers

Flowers are a perfect gift for a mom and they are just as beautiful as a mom. A handmade bouquet of fresh flowers would be perfect to wish your mom on Mother’s day.

  1. Encourage Self-care

Mom is always busy and doesn’t get time for her self-care so take this day as an opportunity to encourage her for self-care. She will surely appreciate a few hours taking care of herself with you by her side.

Spa day
  1. Give her a spa day

Pamper your mom on this day by treating her to a spa day. This is something you can do yourself at home with a facemask, nail polish, or bubble bath or you can book an appointment for her at a local spa. A little relaxation will be great for your mom’s physical and emotional health.

  1. Flip through custom photo album/magazine together

There’s something that’s just leisurely and relaxing about thumbing through a photo album or a magazine. Custom photo albums aren’t only great for capturing all the precious moments in your lives; they’re also thoughtful presents that let people see how much you care.

  1. Treat her out to a meal

Everybody wants a break from their daily routine sometimes, so give this day a break to your mom from cooking. Take her out to her favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Go outdoors
  1. Explore the great outdoors

Take her outside to enjoy the fresh air and get yourself and your mom moving, especially before you enjoy Mother’s Day desserts.

  1. Craft away the day

Arrange supplies for crafts that she likes, and surprise her on this day by creating memories and collectibles with her to last a lifetime. It can be any DIY project that your mom is interested in. From making jewelry to creating beautiful artwork, crafting gives both of you something creative to work on while bonding over the process.

  1. Make her a playlist

Making a playlist for your mom with all your mom’s favorite songs is a great sentimental gift. Collect all the songs she used to sing to you when you were small, songs she played in the car, or the songs she played during special moments in her life.

  1. Make her a coupon book

The coupon book is an awesome idea for kids or when you’re running short of money. Not only is it a great craft, but it also shows your mom that you’re ready to put the effort in at the drop of a hat.

Subscription Box for mom
  1. Buy her a subscription box

Subscription boxes are very popular. Find some mom’s favorite thing which she would like to receive every month. It can be a books club, magazines, clothes, or makeup, the options are countless and hit all different price points.

  1. Play a family board game

Playing a board game with family is a great way to break the ice and strengthen the bonds of family and friendship through fun, laughter, and maybe even a little friendly competition.

  1. Book a family photoshoot

What better way to make Mom feel like a queen for the day than to arrange a family photoshoot in her honor.

Let her sleep
  1. Let her sleep in

Let her sleep, napping helps boost mood and productivity levels, plus it allows you two to catch up on everything that happened during the day.

  1. Help her explore a passion project

Whether it is learning new skills or taking up something new, help your mom pursue her dream. By doing this you will show her how important she is to you and will create everlasting memories.

  1. Take a shopping trip

Shopping with mom on Mother’s Day is a fail-proof way to get her what she wants with the added benefit of being able to spend time together, which can make the gift even more memorable.

  1. Treat mom with alone time

Just give your mom a day off and she will be thrilled. Let her do whatever she wishes to read a book, garden, nap, and binge-watch so that she can relax by herself. Just give her a few hours of alone time and she’ll love you all the more.

  1. Host a Family Zoom

The family can’t get together and celebrate right now? Why not host a Zoom party? Everyone can bake, have dinner, or play games together while being apart.

Show your love
  1. Show Mom the Love

Love is all a mom needs so on this day show her your love, just tell her she means the world to you. Put a little effort into it and she will be happy because she loves you no matter what.

Even though Mother’s Day is celebrated only once a year, we need to honor and love our mothers every day. Giving a one-of-a-kind gift to your mom will let her know how much effort you put into creating it.

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