10 Ways to get ready for spring

10 Ways to get ready for spring

Spring is knocking on the door means longer days and outings with bare legs and arms. It’s time to clean the home and clear the unnecessary things from our diets and lifestyle as well.

1. Get outside

Winters are over means days will start getting longer and hotter, now you are outside for most of the time as the weather gets sunny and warm. It’s time to make your mood to go out for long walks and get healthy.

2. Make your exercise routine

Due to cold and short days exercise is almost nil during winters, so you need to plan a new routine for daily chores and exercise for the coming summers.

3. Clean your house

Spring is the time of festivals like the Chinese new year, in India we have Holi which is a time to clean your home not only dusting but deep clean so that your house also has a nice smell of clean spring.

4. Wardrobe rearranging

Spring is time to hide all winter clothes and replace them with colorful spring clothes. Especially the remove the old ones that you don’t need it anymore and better give it to somebody in need.

5. Time to change your skincare routine

Looking after skin in spring is much different than what we do in winter those heavy moisturizers of winters will no more work in spring. Now you need sunscreen and a light moisturizer.

6. A new look and new style

Spring is time to start a new style, get your hair-cut, change your wardrobe, and you will feel all refreshed and readily take the joy of spring.

7. Lift up your indoor as outdoor

Spring means flowers blooming everywhere outside, so bring some colorful blooms for your inside too. A study shows that flowers and plants not only brighten your surrounding but also give you mental health.

8. Time to clean not only rooms but also the kitchen

Spring is time to get rid of old and expired items, go through your pantry room, and clean and arrange everything neatly. Donate things that you no longer need and group things in boxes that you feel might need it later.

9. Plant flowers and seasonal veggies

One of my favorite thing I like doing in spring is planting beautiful flowers and foliage. Plant some seeds or store-bought blooms in pots. It is also time to plant homegrown veggies and herbs.

10. Clean and open up your windows.

Spring is the time when you open windows to let fresh air inside so clean the windows inside and outside and curtains. Nothing is as beautiful as breathing the fresh air of spring.

Sometimes the small things really do make a difference so let these small changes in your home and see what joy spring brings into your life.

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