What Is Tantric Massage?

What Is Tantric Massage?

In fact, it is a massage that allows you to rediscover your body or more precisely, to become aware of every part of your body. It is practiced in a relaxing atmosphere. The massage lasts long enough as each part of the body is massaged. In what way can he awaken desire? In fact, this massage from India has an erotic aspect. That’s why it is advisable to practice as a couple. Bliss On Bliss will guide you about the tantric massage procedure and benefits of doing it.


Tantric massage should be conducted in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere that promotes self-abandonment and relaxation. Thus, it is necessary to begin by isolating oneself in a room with a chic and romantic decoration, in the dim light. As a source of lighting, we must be content with a few candles or a beautiful light garland. To create a beautiful atmosphere in the room, do not hesitate to play soft music. Of course, the essential oils that make the movement of hands softer and more fluid are not to be forgotten. It should even favor oils that promote relaxation.

The principle is to knead the skin in depth, but with sweetness and sensuality. Of course, it’s an act of sharing. So there should be a good connection between the two partners. How is it possible? Whoever does the massage should only project his fantasies on his partner. The latter is obliged to imagine them through the gestures of his man or his wife. Obviously, we can reverse the role when the massage ends.


To optimize the effectiveness of tantric massage, it is necessary to proceed gently, and insist on each part of the body of the person to massage starting from the tip of the feet or the face. It takes a lot of time. Warning! The fact of projecting your fantasies on your partner while you massage him does not mean that you have the right to let your mind wander. Your presence is more than required.

In addition, you must take pleasure in touching each area of ​​his body. Another rule is to respect if you want the tantric massage to really awaken your desire. You must never sexualize it. This means that you have to be very sensual without giving an erotic appearance to your actions.


Know that the tantric massage session can practically serve as preliminaries. In other words, it will spice up your intimate relationship. Each touch will be felt by your partner as an intense caress. As you massage, you will increase your desire. Obviously, you may be tempted to switch to penetration. However, we must try to resist as much as possible.

By prolonging the massage, you will increase your chances of reaching the seventh heaven. Indeed, thanks to intense sensations, orgasm occurs in a stronger and more diffuse way. It turns out that the practice of tantric massage is very recommended for a man victim of Premature Ejaculation


A tantric massage does not necessarily act as a sexual act. Indeed, sexual relationships can be completely eliminated from the program even if the touching can take on a naughty appearance.

The romantic atmosphere that reigns in the room optimizes already your well-being.  The exchange of energy also allows you to relax. If you want to practice this erotic massage, remember to turn off your laptops. Eliminate all bad thoughts from your mind. Concentrate on the present moment!

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