Switching to Clean Beauty…Your New Wedding Wow

Switching to Clean Beauty…Your New Wedding Wow

Will you marry me?” and the Big Day befalls. The food has to taste delicious and the day has to be magical. The pictures have to be perfect. That can only happen when your skin is perfect and flawless.

You can have an amazing wedding regimen by turning towards clean beauty that will treat your skin right and teach you to take care of your skin like never before.

Love is a surreal feeling when you care about something or someone in the most beautiful way. Why not express love to your skin? Switch to clean beauty to let your skin know that you care.

Choose What You Pick

A lot of nasty stuff like talc, parabens, fragrances, petroleum compounds, etc. are suspected of causing cancer, genetic mutation. These go into your body and harm it in some or another way.

Something has to go wrong on the Big Day. It’s like a ritual. However, do not let that be your skin. Break the stereotype by using “non-controversial” clean beauty products that are trustworthy and deliver you the Skin of the Day.

Knowing the Know-How

It is Always About You

Your wedding is a celebration of a lifetime. Switching to clean beauty is like celebrating the fact that you not only know what is best for your skin but also switch to the best. It feels so empowering when you are super certain about what you put on your skin, although, the idea of spending the rest of your life with your love is humungous. It is vital to discern what your skin deals with every day.

Start your new journey by doing good

The environment could use some kindness. The toxic constituents of any beauty product harm the environment. In fact, some of the countries in the world ban many ingredients. Every time you use a clean beauty, you will glow and carry yourself proudly.

Skin BFF

Looking for your skin’s BFFs?

Here, are some of the best clean beauty products, to begin with:

1. Biotique’s Bio Carrot Sunscreen Lotion

Having a day wedding? Biotique’s amazing sunscreen has you covered. The product contains carrot seeds, quince seeds, aloe vera, etc. that protect your skin from the unfriendly rays of the sun…not the unfriendly guests though. The brand stands for being kind to the environment. The ingredients are natural and maintain your soft skin the way it is.

2. Beminimalist.co’s Kojic Acid 2% + Alpha Arbutin 1% Serum

This product by Minimalist works like magic. The ingredients used are paraben-free and fragrance-free. An aloe Vera-based serum reduces those dark spots that would not go away and brighten your skin. The brand considers the precise proportion of the ingredients in the formulation. The product is easily available on Amazon.

3. Neempure Arjun – Nutmeg Skin Purifying Neem Pack by Just Herbs

The cake has to be perfect but the dessert’s cravings can use a break to tone down the acne irritation. Well, now that does not need to happen. The Purifying Neem Pack by Just Herbs is a 100% natural one of a kind product that fades acne marks and prevents pimples. The inflammatory properties of Neem work deep down to heal the skin from within.

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Here are some ground rules to have healthy yet happening skin:

1. Care more, worry less

Your skin deserves the best and you know it. It is time for you to be alert and know everything that goes into your skin so that the sad skin never steals the thunder of your body.

2. Listen to what they say

Every company is trying to persuade consumers to look at the bigger picture to convey what they believe in. Understand what the beauty brand is all about so that you do not end up making an impulsive decision. Look for all the toxic ingredients on the label and if you do not find any…The product is The One.

3. New Beginning to Everything

Start by replacing the products that you use regularly like your serum, lotion, etc. Let your skin feel the magic first. You can slowly take the highway and switch all of your products gradually.

“Beauty is not only about being you. It is about finding you what makes you unique and that journey is beautiful.”

Resham Tulsiani

Resham Tulsiani

Resham Tulsiani is a writer, musician, poet and beauty enthusiast. She is currently working on a novel. She believes that writing is the art of the heart and is always about making people feel good about themselves. She loves reading and making music.