Learn the Benefits of Prenatal Yoga (& Try These Poses!)

Learn the Benefits of Prenatal Yoga (& Try These Poses!)

Yoga is like a superfood with far-reaching health benefits like lower stress and better breathing, which as any pregnant woman will tell you, is basically a minor godsend.

Prepare for childbirth with yoga in a pair of yoga pants from the Upside. Yoga can help teach you how to stay centered, breathe mindfully and keep your body toned and limber and ready for labor.

The Perks of Prenatal Yoga

Pre natal yoga

Get your body baby ready by whipping your body into shape with yoga.

Improved Balance

As your baby grows and your hormones change, your balance begins to suffer. Yoga can help keep you calm and master your body’s shifting center of gravity.

Yoga pose: Tree.

Better Breathing

Conscious breathing or the “he-he-who” breathing you’ve seen in the movies helps keep Mom calm and her muscles relaxed during delivery. Breathwork will also help regulate labor pains. Deep breathing sends the nervous system into parasympathetic mode meaning you’ll experience better sleep and digestion while having an optimized immune system.

Yoga pose: Still the mind using Ujjayi or 3-part breathing.

Increased Circulation

Better circulation means swelling relief. Just the simple act of stretching and toning through practicing yoga will help circulate oxygen throughout your body and to your baby. The benefits of better circulation are decreases in postpartum depression, dizziness, exhaustion, and hypertension.

Yoga pose: Standing Flow.

Connection with Baby

Taking time out of your life to focus on you and your growing fetus will help attune you with your baby and your growing body. Slow it down and let yourself be amazed – you’re growing a person!

Yoga pose: Chest Opener.

Preparing for Delivery

A calm mind and conscious breathing will keep your body relaxed during labor. And a relaxed body means better pain management as it allows for your body to let nature take control, for a smooth delivery.

Yoga pose: Cat/Cow.

Strengthens and Tones

The pelvic floor, hips, and abdomen during pregnancy do all the work in delivery and are often a source of complaint during the nine-months you carry – strengthening them will better prepare the muscles for labor. It also means a better bounce-back postpartum.

Yoga pose: Lunges, Backbends or Goddess.

Lowers Stress

Pregnancy aside, yoga is fantastic for managing stress. Just by doing yoga and by taking care of yourself your stress levels will diminish.

Yoga pose: Legs up the Wall (Viparita Karani).

Healthier Mama and Baby

Consistently studies are proving that practicing yoga makes for a healthier pregnancy and healthier baby. Moms who practiced prenatal yoga went to term, had babies with better birth weights, and were less likely to have pregnancy diabetes or high blood pressure. Other studies found evidence that yoga reduced nausea, back pain, depression and complications during labor.

Yoga pose: Easy or Child’s pose to connect with yourself and your breathing.

Prenatal Yoga for a Healthier Pregnancy

Prenatal yoga


Yoga is synonymous with relaxation and inner tranquility, what better time to practice than while pregnant? Take control of your stress and worries as you prepare for the life-altering delivery of your sweet baby!

Author: Hayley Flierl Mail: hayleyflierl@gmail.com

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