Daughter’s Day – 22nd September 2019

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Daughter day

“A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart.”

A girl child is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September as National Daughter’s Day in India which is on 22nd September in 2019. Just like we celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, similarly there is a Daughter’s Day to celebrate the gift of God in the form of Daughter.

World Daughter’s Day is marked on January 12th every year, while Day of the Girl Child is celebrated by UNICEF and CRY on September 24th every year. While the whole week is dedicated as “Daughter’s Week” in many countries.

Different countries celebrate Daughter’s Day on different dates and the main aim in celebrating international daughters day is to remove the stigma of burden in many countries of having a daughter instead of a son, on account of cultural practices like giving dowry, etc.

Female foeticide is a big problem in our country and still exist in village and rural areas, where the birth of a girl is considered as bad while the birth of a son is rejoiced. Our culture has created the mindset that son is their savior. People need to realize that girls are not burden anymore and are as good as boys.

It is said that the son is a son until he gets a wife, while the daughter is a daughter, all her life. Daughters are the boon that parents can have making their lives so beautiful and colorful.

Daughter’s day is a perfect time to show your angel how much you love her and to shower her with gifts and surprises. It is a day to make our daughters feel the love and care and make them realize that they stand next to sons and are the pride of the family.