Chaniya Choli – A colorful traditional dress of Navratri

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India Hindu Festival

Who doesn’t love Navratri?

Nine nights of endless fun, dancing, blaring music, sweets, mouth-watering food, and colorful traditional garments, make this festival an all-time favorite for everyone. Women and girls eagerly wait all year for this vivacious occasion to flaunt their feminine charm and don different gorgeous looks every night. Chaniya Choli is the traditional wear of Garba festival in Gujarat.

Chaniya Choli is worn by women in traditional Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is little different from Lehenga, the long skirt worn at the bottom portion is the same but the choli (blouse) is different. It is a type of lehenga which has longer blouse which covers most of the midriff. The Chaniya Choli worn during Navratri have ethnic Shisha embroidery is popular with a bit of patchwork.

Chaniya Choli is the traditional costume of Navratri festival, and it’s still the most preferred outfit by women for Garba Nights. So now, to help you look your fashionable best this festive season, we’ve rounded up some Navratri Chaniya Choli Designs. Check it out and get inspired to glam up your style this Navratri!

We all are ready to welcome Navratri 2018, so get geared up for dressing with the latest style. What counts the most is your Garba dress, Chaniya Choli, the ornaments of Oxidize or silver or faux elephant teeth are in let us look at top trends in Navratri outfits this year.

Garba Dress
Garba Dress
Garba dress
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Garba Dress
Garba dress
Garba dress


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